Change Maker

Change has to come from within and it can be hard. Thats where Jawaads ChangeMakingAI 2.0 program is vital to accelerating change. While reducing the time needed to achieve it! More »

Leverage Your Strengths

Through relationships, communication, trust and more, we can learn to leverage each others strengths in order to build strong healthy team environments. This is vital to having a healthy corporate culture. This is the outcome of Jawaads, Leverage Your Strengths, team building program! More »

Mobile Strategist

Companies are finding that their customers are using their smartphones to do business. Businesses that do not capitalize on this are losing out to their competitors. Jawaads Mobile Strategy consulting shows how Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, Mobile Payments and Mobile Advertising can raise a companys bottom line! More »

Software Company Executive

As the President of Neurotelli Technologies Inc. Jawaad develops cutting edge software solutions. Check out his company website for more information. More »


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Welcome! There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not living and enjoying my dream. My dream was two-fold; 1) To become a professional speaker and inspire others the way I was inspired by my mentors and 2) To